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Legendary Sturgis Main Street

The health of downtown is at the heart of the quality of life within a community . A prosperous attractive downtown business district becomes a visible Barometer for the well being of the community.

Downtown reflects the overall image a community projects to potential investors. an invigorated downtown makes a very positive statement about the whole community.

Future Sturgis is dedicated to providing Sturgis Main Street with the opportunities to strengthen local pride and revitalize historic downtown districts.

This web site is a sounding board for FUTURE STURGIS and the COMMUNITY.

Future Sturgis strives to make a difference in the lives of Sturgis, South Dakota residents by providing the community the opportunity to revitalize their commercial business districts through economic development and historic preservation.

A long term revitalization effort requires careful attention to every aspect of downtown. It is a process that takes time and requires leadership and community involve-ment.

Main Street merchants, building owners, and local government officials have a opportunity to learn how to promote their downtown business districts, make their buildings look attractive and functional, how to market their wares, how to attract new customers and better serve the ones they have. We've already seen improvements to store fronts like purchasing new signage, hiring local South Dakota concrete cutting to improve their facade, better customer service, and more community outreach.

We already know that the future of Main Street will likely be determined by the community's ability to find a sustainable economic purpose. Without economic vitality, the Main Street goals of design, organization, and promotion will not be achievable in most communities. Profound changes are occurring within America's retail and service sectors that are directly affecting the historical economic underpinnings of rural downtown.

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Great Places in America, A Roll Model For Sturgis Mainstreet

Great Places. You know them when you see them - but how do they become great? All the decisions we make influence the quality of our neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces. To learn more about the process, click HERE.

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